95% Of Users Create First Impression Because of Design

We Build High-Converting Landing Page That Generates MORE SALES FOR YOU

(Oh, even better - you don't have to pay me $10,000. Not even $5,000)

What If...

What If...

You Don't Have an Online Presence. You probably start an online business. You have a Facebook page but you wish to have a site as well

You Are Too busy and Don't Have Time. You are a business owner, you are busy with your team, management or client. You don't have time to build one

You Need More Client. You probably have a funnel or website. But it is not convert at all. I

You Are Not Satisfied with Current Site. Your current funnel or site is not attractive at all!

You Have Waste A lot of Time! Design might be Not talent for you.

Sounds Familiar? Hit This Button If it is You!

Want Your Page To Look Like This?

Hi, I'm LOON


Wait a minute, WHO IS THIS GUY? I know what you guys are thinking about.

I'm the owner and the founder of LOON KY Business Solution.

I'm on the mission to: SOLVE YOUR PROBLEMS!

You don't have time, I solve it for you.

You Are Not Satisfied with Current Site, I solve it for you.

You Don't Have an Online Presence, I solve it for you.

You want to build solid branding and authority, I solve it for you.

So, tell me what's your problem and let me help you

I Received Messages Like This Every Single Day!

What would it mean to your business if clients are flooding your inbox everyday with complements and requests to work with you?

It's definitely possible if you treat your branding & landing page right!

Here is Our Process...

Simple and Efficient

STEP 1 : Free Consultation

We would love to know more about you and your business. Tell us what would you like to achieve and we are here to help you

STEP 2 : Information Collection

We will ask a few questions and collect some information and assets from you like sales copy, logo, photos and videos that you would love to include in your page.

STEP 3 : Creative Design

Before we design and build the page, we will first design in our design software to let you to have a visual on it. If you give us a green light on the design, we will proceed to the next step

STEP4: Build Phase

We will build the page according to the design in the previous step. This process usually takes up to 3-5 days

STEP 5: Integration

After build the page, we are ready to go for integration, It can be a third party integration, for example domain integration, let us know what you need.

STEP 6: Testing Phase

When we are done with integration, we are ready to go for a test.

With Our Services...You'll Get This For FREE

Bonus #1 Unlimited Revision

We want to make sure you leave a happy and satisfied client. Hence, We provide unlimited revisions! We want to make sure you get what you wish for in your landing page.

Bonus #2 Funnel Strategy Implementation

Our Design is not just have an amazing design. We design is to convert. We apply funnel strategy to your copy and help you to get more sales and client.

Bonus #3 Mobile Optimization

60% conversion are through mobile. We will put more effort on the mobile interface and be more friendly user for those who use their mobile

Question In Mind?

So, Who is this For?

No matter you are a small business owner or coaches or consultants, we can help you to brand your business services to the next level. So, you can get more leads can charge more money to your services.

What platform do you built in?

This landing page that you are looking as it built in clickfunnel, but that’s not all I know. WordPress, getresponse is fine to me as well. We are ready to serve.

If I already Have a Website...

If your website does not make more profit to you. YOU HAVE TO CHANGE IT! WHY? Website that does not earn you a profit is just wasting your money.

If you still love your website, don’t worry. Getting an extra landing page to sell your products in 24 hours. Even though you sleep, sales are just coming.

How to Get start?

Click on the button to GET A FREE CONSULTATION, sharing your problem to me. We are ready to help you through this.

Let’s Rock and Roll~~

At the end of the day, here is the thing I want you to achieve.

Helping Small Business Owner, Consultant and Coaches


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