Done For You Course Building

Here's the Sample

This is just a sample, we may customize your own funnel depending on your business

Page 1: Squeeze Page

A page that helps you to generate leads and growing your email list online. It can display with a simple and easy page, sometimes display as a pop up. Also, it can also be a full page.

Whatever it is, the goal is to generate leads/email list.

Page 2: Thank you Page

A thank you page for squeeze page helps you to give your audience a direction where to claim those lead magnet. It also can be a page that start promoting your next offer.

Page 3: Sales/Order Page

A Sales/Order Page is a page where your course/offer is selling. The course/offer you’re selling on your page can differ depending on your industry or niche. At the same time where the payment you may collect dpending on your product's price.

Page 4: Upsell Page

The one click upsell is the page that your customer able to see after they place the order before the thank you page. Your offer need to be extremely "No Brainer" so customer will take it.

Page 5: Thank You Page

A Thank you page here is mostly a list to let your customer know what they had purchased. It also may lead them the step by step to proceed the next step.

Create Your Course And Module

This is the place where we host the course. A plaace to create your course, modules, training.

Course Dashboard

Course Dashboard is a place where students able to put their login ID and password to access the course