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Hi, I'm LOON


Wait a minute, WHO IS THIS GUY? I know what you guys are thinking about.

I'm the owner and the founder of LOON KY Business Solution.

I'm on the mission to:

Help small business owner to scale their business with funnel strategy.

Help coaches to get more students.

Help consultant to get more client and prospect flooding in their inbox.

Also, I am happy to share to you all the secrets of organic strategy in this online world.

What We Can Help You?

Start Your Funnel Journey

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Landing Page/Funnel Design

It takes a few seconds for people to evaluate you when you meet for the first time, same applies to website or landing page. But is your website like a maze, complicated and messy? We can fix that for you. We design and build a conversion website and landing page for you.

Free Website Review

Did you know a lot of website lose 80% of profit because they did not build it in a marketing way?

Let us show you how you can change your website into money! Provide us your website and we provide a magic solution for you.

The ONLY Strategy To Scale Your Business

You might heard of funnel. But you not sure what is it about. You might just start your business journey and keen to get prospect and customer. I'll show you the step by step method about sales funnel fundamental.

Messenger Solution Academy

You probably mad with replying your customer with the same question they asked. So, want a 24/7 assistant? Messenger Solution Academy show you all the secret and steps in building a chatbot.

What They Say About Loon?


We Want To Know How We Can Help You?

Starting from consultation call to understand your business model. Then, we study your marketing strategies and provide you a customize sales funnel framework that suit your business.

Helping Small Business Owner, Consultant and Coaches

Share The Strategies

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